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Well Organized Closet


After more than 20 years helping clients declutter and organize their spaces, here are my top strategies for achieving order in your home:

1. Keep like items together

Keeping similar items together not only makes them easier to find, it also helps your inventory management. You know what you have and can better assess when you need to replenish your stock.

3. Make frequently used items easily accessible and rarely used items less accessible

If you use your blender daily, keep it on the counter. If you use it once a month, put it in the back of a low cabinet.

5. Establish a permanent place for everything

You will reduce clutter permanently by giving each item a home. Make it so specific you can find things in the dark.

2. Store things where you use them

Move your dresser near the closet; move book shelves near the desk. Ask yourself “Do I really need this in my life? Where is it used the most?”

4. If you don't use it get rid of it

Unless it's a beautiful decorative item or a cherished memento, why are you keeping it? If you don't use it or you don't love it, pass it on.

6. Always put it back where it belongs after you use it

Teach household members to do the same. You will reduce the number of things you lose if you put items back in their proper place.

7. Use lists

Make lists of things to do and buy. Keep an on-going grocery list. Create checklists for repeated tasks.

9. Develop systems and routines

Find the most efficient way to do laundry and stick with it. Use a meal planner consistently. You'll save time by not having to think about the details.

11. Be prudent with your time

Never wait for anyone or anything – always carry something to do with you when you go out – a reading file or a project. Multi-task while watching TV – iron, pay bills or fold laundry.

8. Make it easy

Use hooks instead of hangers for kids' coats. Take the lids off hampers. Pre-print a grocery list so household members can simply circle needed items.

10. Do a little bit every day

Set aside a chunk of time or start with the biggest eyesore so you begin to see progress. Make a commitment to yourself and don’t get distracted. Take ten minutes at the end of each day to pick up clutter in your home and office. You'll feel less frustrated in the morning.

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